Horrors and paintings

Now I’m gonna tell you a horror story. At least, the situation seemed to be so for a 7-year-old girl like me. You’d agree that everyone experienced fears during his childhood? But when we become adults, memories of them make us laugh. For example, my best friend was afraid of cows and each time he saw the animals, he climbed a tree or hid behind somebody’s back trembling and crying. My younger sister was scared of cars and I really don’t know why! When she heard noise of an approaching vehicle, she panicked and ran away. And for me, the most terrifying thing in the whole world was our neighbor Mrs. Quinsy. She was a widow, and besides I’d never seen anyone entering her house. I didn’t dare visit it too! I still remember how the old lady looked like (think about the last scary dream you had):

  • Small and skinny, with a hump on her back. Mrs. Quinsy was limping and used a walking stick as a support.
  • Her hairdo reminded of Medusa from Greek mythology. That’s why we tried not to look at her. What if she turned us to stone!
  • My neighbor wore only black clothes. We thought she was a witch!
  • She never smiled. Maybe her false teeth were the reason…
  • Quinsy had a cat who liked to sit on the roof of our house. I considered him to be the woman’s personal assistant. I imagined how the cat hypnotized children and led the poor to the witch’s lair. God knows what happened there but sometimes I heard strange sounds.

Later it turned out that I just had unlimited imagination. When the old lady died and we could finally get into her house, there was nothing scary about it inside. On the contrary, I liked it. The walls were decorated with beautiful paintings and I couldn’t take my eyes off them. In the corner of the canvas I saw the artist’s signature – ’Leonid Afremov’. I wondered who the guy was because according to Quinsy’s tastes, she didn’t buy junk stuff. I found Afremov website afremov.com and was amazed by his talent. Lovely color palette made my heart beat faster.  I purchased a wonderful landscape in memory of the woman who instilled a sense of art in me without even doing anything. So if my story inspired you, I encourage you to buy Leonid’s oil paintings. Mrs. Quinsy would be happy for you! Afremov won’t get you involved in any kind of hustle, trust me! It’s checked!






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